Jinan Hosts "Experience Intangible Cultural Heritage: Discover the Beauty of Paper Cutting" Event for International Students


In an effort to preserve and promote the outstanding traditional culture of the Chinese nation, enhance international students' understanding of Chinese culture, and enrich their study abroad experience, Jinan's Shizhong District recently collaborated with the Xinxiang Calligraphy and Painting Institute to organize an event titled "Experience Intangible Cultural Heritage: Discover the Beauty of Paper Cutting." This event invited international students from the International Education College of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to immerse themselves in the charm of China's intangible cultural heritage - paper cutting.

During the event, teachers introduced the international students to the allure of traditional paper-cutting art and demonstrated various techniques and patterns on the spot. The students, eager to try their hands at the craft, transformed thin sheets of paper into vibrant stories and lifelike images with just a pair of scissors. Under the guidance of the teachers, their lively and exquisite works took shape, filling the venue with joy and laughter.

This paper-cutting event not only helped to preserve and promote Chinese cultural heritage but also fostered cultural exchange between traditional artists and international students. Looking ahead, Jinan's Shizhong District plans to continue organizing a variety of cultural activities to showcase China's intangible cultural heritage. These initiatives aim to enrich the lives of international students, provide them with a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture, and encourage them to become cultural ambassadors who appreciate, support, and love China.

(Li Xiaotong; Liu Xiaohan; Gong Lili; Hua Shan; Yuan Yuhua; Lou Xinyu; Hou Yawen; Liang Ruixin; Li Jiayin; Liu Lu; Dou Zhuoran)