Savoring Laiwu Delicacies and Embracing Local Culture: Jinan's Laiwu District Hosts Culinary Experience Event in Sister City Bath, UK


Jinan’s Laiwu District, located in the central part of Shandong province at the eastern foot of Mount Tai, boasts a rich history and profound cultural heritage, reflected vividly in its diverse culinary offerings. To familiarize more international friends with the delectable flavors of Laiwu and introduce them to the local culture, Jinan's Laiwu District recently organized a distinctive culinary experience event in its sister city, Bath, UK, under the theme "Savor Laiwu Cuisine, Experience Laiwu Culture." The event drew enthusiastic participation from students studying abroad, representing various corners of the globe.


The event featured an array of Laiwu's culinary delights, including Laiwu-style fried chicken, Qilu sun-dried tea, Laiwu sausages, and locally crafted handmade cultural heritage items. Laiwu-style fried chicken, a traditional local dish falling under the category of Shandong cuisine, exhibits a vibrant red hue, a dry and chewy texture, and a tantalizing blend of numbing spiciness. Renowned for its rich, down-to-earth, and affordable style, this dish has become a magnet for food enthusiasts from all directions. Qilu sun-dried tea, with its long-standing history, showcases robust tea leaves, connected like fish hooks, boasting a golden-brown stem, a shining yellow underside, and a deep yellow-brown infusion. Its flavor is rich, and mellow, and has a distinctive roasted aroma. Laiwu sausages, glossy in a dark brown shade, offer a savory taste, nutritional richness, and excellent storage and transport qualities.


From the outset, the robust aroma of fried chicken, the fragrant notes of tea, and the rich scent of sausages captivated the attention of numerous international students. After sampling the offerings, one foreign student enthusiastically raised their thumbs, saying, "This is my first time tasting Laiwu-style fried chicken, old sun-dried tea, and sausages. The flavors are absolutely fantastic. This makes me even more eager to visit Laiwu, and China as a whole, to experience the local culinary atmosphere."


In addition to the culinary delights, fabric handicrafts, and picturesque images of scenic spots in Laiwu also attracted the attention of international students. The vibrant Chinese color schemes and patterns found in the handicrafts were irresistible to the students, who eagerly used their phones to capture these beautiful moments. Looking ahead, Jinan's Laiwu District plans to organize more activities to acquaint foreign friends with Laiwu and provide them with an immersive experience of the city's culture.

(Li Xiaotong; Lou Xinyu; Liu Xiaohan; Hua Shan; Yuan Yuhua; Hou Yawen; Liang Ruixin; Wang Jianle; Chen Shuning; Chong Yaqi)