Overseas Journalists Explore Jinan, China: Witnessing High-Quality Development


To further share the story of Jinan with the world and showcase the unique historical and cultural vitality of the City of  Springs, the Jinan International Communication Center organized the "Advancing into a New Era: Overseas Media Views Jinan" event on October 12th, under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the CPC Jinan Municipal Committee. Journalists from various overseas media outlets, including the Asian Times from Malaysia, Republic Online and Constitutional Journal from Egypt, World China from Italy, and China Weekly from Egypt, visited Jinan to appreciate the charm of the City of  Springs and experience its high-quality development.


The visiting overseas media delegation toured several places in Jinan, including the Comprehensive Exhibition Hall of Jinan International Medical Center, the Proton Clinical Research Center at Shandong Cancer Hospital, the Comprehensive Service Center of Jinan Area of Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone, Jinan Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub, and the Lishan International Cellular Medicine Industrial Park. They also visited famous tourist spots such as Baihua Zhou, Furong Street, Daming Lake, and Baotu Spring.

At the Comprehensive Exhibition Hall of Jinan International Medical Center, the delegation learned about the overall situation of the center's development plan, project construction, and platform creation. The Jinan International Medical Center is a vital carrier for Shandong Province and Jinan City to implement the strategies of Healthy China and Digital China. It plays an important role in promoting ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin and contributes to the development of the city and the advancement of health in Jinan.


At the Proton Clinical Research Center of Shandong Cancer Hospital, the journalists learned about the construction and development of the entire center and the characteristics and advantages of "proton therapy." They also visited the treatment room. Amina Zaki, a journalist from the Constitutional Journal in Egypt, expressed that it was the first time she had a profound understanding of the "proton therapy" technology. The precision and effectiveness of "proton therapy" make it a great benefit for all cancer patients.

As one of the oldest and best-preserved old districts in Jinan, boasting a history of over 950 years, Baihua Zhou was praised by the famous literary figure Zeng Gong, who was the governor of Jinan, for its tranquility and beauty. The visiting delegation immersed themselves in the old city's ambiance, filled with a rich historical and cultural flavor, and experienced the authentic local life. They observed the clear spring waters, listened to traditional arts, touched straw weaving crafts, and learned about traditional Chinese medicine culture from Zhao Shutang. The picturesque scenes at Baihua Zhou captivated everyone, and the journalists eagerly took pictures to commemorate their visit.


At the popular tourist spot in Jinan, Qifeng Bridge, journalists Amina Zaki from the Constitutional Journal in Egypt and Abde lhalim from Republic Online in Egypt took photos to capture the moment and create lasting memories.

This initiative aimed to strengthen the global understanding of Jinan's unique cultural and medical advancements, shedding light on the city's path of high-quality development and global engagement.

Baotu Spring, Daming Lake, and Qianfo Mountain are collectively hailed as the three major attractions of Jinan. Reporters ventured into the Lixia District of Jinan, where they captured the serene beauty of Daming Lake amidst willows and lotus, and left their mark at the bustling Superlative Tower. Baotu Spring, ranking first among Jinan's seventy-two springs, emanates a captivating view of "water surging like a wheel" from its clear pool, accompanied by the melodious sound of flowing water. The enchanting sight of water "springing up abruptly" held the reporters' gaze, prompting them to pause and photograph the tripartite streams. In the alleys of the old town, the journalists tasted traditional Shandong cuisine, experiencing the flavors of ‘Youxuan,' and ‘Chinese Pancake rolled with scallions' for the first time, leaving them highly impressed and nodding in approval.



At the forefront of the Baotu Spring scenic area, in the presence of the Snow White Building Opera Stage, the traditional Lu opera "The Virtuous Younger Sister" was being performed. The reporters, witnessing a Lu opera performance for the first time, stood captivated for a long while, using their phones to immortalize this moment.


Following this, the visiting delegation ventured into the Comprehensive Service Center of the Jinan Area of the Shandong Free Trade Pilot Zone. They toured the area for foreigners' entry into China and the special section for foreign-related services. Through informative videos and detailed explanations by the staff, they gained a firsthand experience of the center's comprehensive services encompassing the entire process, featuring a "clear presentation, one-window access, and one-stop processing" approach. The Comprehensive Service Center of Jinan Area of Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone is a comprehensive public service hall, which includes a national high-tech zone, a free trade pilot zone, a comprehensive bonded zone, a starting area for transforming old and new growth drivers, and a pilot zone for reform in sci-tech and finance. The center sees an average daily foot traffic of over 4,000 individuals and processes an average of 100,000 documents per month. In recent years, it has introduced business environment innovation cases recognized and promoted at both the national and provincial levels, such as the 'Universal Approval for Commercial Performances,' phased construction permits, a business registration confirmation system, and an upgraded version of "multi-testing consolidation." The center is a microcosm of the Shandong Free Trade Pilot Zone in Jinan, illustrating its role as a pioneer in institutional innovation and showcasing an important gateway to present its open image to the world.


Jinan Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub is a focal point among the initial key projects and priority ventures in the Jinan region. Reporters recently visited the bonded commodity exhibition center of the Jinan Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub, exploring imported goods from around the world. Spanning approximately 865 acres in total area and boasting a planned construction area of about 1 million square meters, the Jinan Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub aims to host exhibition and trading platforms from over 70 countries and regions, showcasing a staggering inventory of over 22,000 types of products. This initiative strives to establish a multi-category, multi-channel, and normalized platform for showcasing and trading imported goods.

The last stop of the day led the delegation to Lishan International Cellular Medicine Industrial Park, where they visited the project showroom. Here, they gained insights into the genetic and sequencing service platform, the immune cell and gene therapy CDMO pilot base, and the innovative developments in the biomedical industry. Lishan International Cellular Medicine Industrial Park, centered around the Changling High-Tech Zone, harnesses specialized services to drive the high-quality development of the biomedical industry. Efforts are ongoing to consolidate the biomedical industry, aiming to construct a comprehensive biomedical industry chain.


The "Advancing into a New Era: Overseas Media Views Jinan" event provided a deep understanding of Jinan's development pace from the perspective of overseas professional media. It allowed a firsthand experience of Jinan's historical and cultural heritage and modern urban development, aiding in effectively narrating Jinan's contemporary story. Present-day Jinan continues to widen its gates to the world, embracing a road of mutual prosperity with the international community. The city's trajectory toward the world is becoming faster and more substantial, embracing the world and the future with an even broader outlook!

 (Yuan Yuhua, Hou Yawen, Hua Shan, Li Xiaotong, Fan Mingming, Liang Ruixin, Lei Youting, Chong Yaqi, Zhang Mengjie, Bao Zhongxin, Aliya Dilbar)