Shanghai Guijiu Broke Through With "Innovation", and Chinese Liquor Went to the World With the Help of the Expo

(Shanghai, China, November 8) Under the background of the global economic recession, China, as the first major country to resume economic operation, attracted much of the world's attention with the Expo once again. And Chinese liquor is taking advantage of the Expo to show the world its ambition of "going global". "Shanghai Guijiu" was presented at the third China International Import Expo and proposed to expand the international market with " an innovative model, innovative products, and innovative development".

The staff of Shanghai Guijiu said that the international influence of Chinese liquor is gradually increasing. With its "star products", Shanghai Guijiu hopes to gain more development opportunities and show more people the charm of Chinese liquor culture.

Shanghai high-end Chinese liquor brands seek international development.

The exhibition is the "first show" of Shanghai Guijiu in the Fair, and its "Innovative Chinese liquor enterprise" business philosophy and the fair "Gather to enjoy opportunities" theme coincides.

Han Hongwei, chairman of Shanghai Guijiu, said in an interview: Shanghai Guijiu has always taken 'Making a better life' as its corporate mission. The purpose of attending this Expo is to take advantage of this international stage and show our thoughts on Chinese liquor's international development. At the same time, we also hope to show our "Open cooperation, Hand in hand innovation" concept to the customers at home and abroad.

In Han's opinion, the global liquor market competition is a multi-dimensional competition of "Brand and Quality". It is a new mission for the liquor industry in the new era to brew good liquor to meet consumers' needs and continuously improve its quality. "Going to the world -- telling the story of Chinese liquor well" is also the mission of Chinese liquor enterprises entrusted by the times.

Chinese liquor industry analysts pointed out that if Moutai and Wuliangye are the leaders representing China's traditional liquor industry, Shanghai Guijiu is a practitioner to establish a new image of Chinese liquor culture internationally.

It is reported that Shanghai Guijiu has two mainstream liquor flavor. At present, Shanghai Guijiu is rapidly occupying the Chinese market and seeking overseas market opportunities through its innovative marketing mode.

Inheritance and Innovation -- Highlight the core competitiveness of enterprises

Although the world is affected by the epidemic, guests from all over the world are still enthusiastic about coming to the "Appointment of the East". This also makes the Expo a favorable window to display the image of Chinese liquor.

Han Hongwei said in an interview that inheritance and innovation are the core competitiveness of Shanghai Guijiu. Chinese liquor culture has a long history, and it is also the epitome of the Chinese nation's spirit of adhering to craftsmanship. At the same time, Chinese liquor also needs innovation to stand out in the new era of international competition.

As an innovative liquor company, Shanghai Guijiu has made great efforts in experience, brand, marketing, and digitalization. To enhance customer experience, Shanghai Guijiu has set up high-standard experience stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Ningbo, and other core cities. Every guest can feel the charm of Chinese liquor culture from the aspects of sight, smell, and taste.

Also, Shanghai Guijiu combines technology and marketing, focusing on digital marketing. By segmenting the crowd, demand, and features, innovative products are created to meet different consumers' personalized needs. It also changes the traditional marketing model and establishes a zero-distance touch consumption path with flat channels and an F2C model.

Industry analysts say liquor consumption in China has blossomed with the consumption upgrading and the rising sharply of the middle class. With the rapid development of the Internet, new business models and new consumption trends emerge in liquor, and innovative brand building and marketing methods emerge endlessly. Shanghai Guijiu is striving to develop towards globalization, which is also one of China's new liquor force's critical breakthrough directions.

Company: Shanghai Guijiu Group Co., Limited


Contact: Andy Wang


Address: Shanghai, China, China International Import Expo

Date: November 8