State Grid Implements High-Tech Measures for Equipment Safety Inspections

As the summer power demand peak is approaching, State Grid Corporation of China is carrying out spring power grid equipment maintenance work in an orderly manner. During this year's spring inspection, State Grid has strengthened the application of new technologies and equipment, developed safe and efficient production equipment, and implemented high-tech solutions and various measures. These efforts collectively ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment throughout the year.

The multi-fields autonomous inspection of grid-based drones demonstrates the leading position of State Grid in the application of science and technology. This innovative technology improves inspection efficiency, reduces personnel risks, and provides a solid guarantee for the safe operation of the power grid. Additionally, the use of intelligent laser obstacle remover provides a new solution for eliminating hidden dangers. By leveraging efficient laser technology, potential hazards in power facilities are quickly and accurately removed, ensuring stable and reliable grid operations. Moreover, the introduction of the 350-ton large crane further highlights the technical strength and equipment level of State Grid. Its strong carrying capacity and precise operation inject new vitality and efficiency into maintenance work, providing important support for the safe operation of power facilities.

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